Case Studies

Here are some great examples of how we’ve helped our clients build their online audiences.

Law & Liberty

Law & Liberty had three years of solid web traffic growth, but their mailing list wasn't growing along with it. The site's editors knew this was a problem, and wanted to grow their newsletter to get reliable recurring traffic. TALLEST TREE devised a strategy with them that resulted in a 700% increase in subscribers over a period of 16 months.


Increase in newsletter subscribers over 16 months.


Increase in sessions over the last year


Increase in mobile driving that growth

Thomas B. Fordham Institute

The Thomas B. Fordham Institute had been losing traffic and new subscribers because of a poorly optimized system for adding images to their site.

By implementing some simple image optimizations, like creating unique images for thumbnails that are smaller and therefore load faster, and using “lazing-loading” tools that only load the images that are visible to a user, Tallest Tree cut load times from 3.16 to 1.27 seconds on average.

Those seconds may seem small, but they make a huge difference. Google has started factoring in mobile load times to search engine ranking, meaning slow mobile sites will also appear farther down the list of mobile results. And as Kissmetrics reports, “40% of people abandon a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load.


Reduction in load times on mobile

Additional visits resulting per year

Subscribers added via mobile

Andrew Sullivan’s “The Dish”

Andrew Sullivan wanted to do the impossible: create a read-supported blog, separate from any larger corporate overlord and without the need for intrusive advertisements. The first stumbling block was moving his blog from Typepad to WordPress, a platfrom that would allow him to charge readers a membership fee.

But after using Typepad for 12 years, affiliating this blog with TimeThe Atlantic Monthly, and finally The Daily Beast, his data was a mess, and worse yet, it was stranded. Typepad provides little help for users looking to leave their platform, meaning a standard data migration to WordPress would have squandered years of work building up backlinks from other sites.

Thankfully, Tallest Tree Digital (back when we were called ReadyMadeWeb) had just launched its Typepad to WordPress migration tool, TP2WPSullivan’s project made us take TP2WP to whole new level, moving more than 86,000 posts. We’re glad to say that work paid off and helped carry Sullivan to his retirement from blogging in January of 2015, and then his final blog post “It Is Accomplished” regarding the Obergefell v. Hodges decision in June of 2015.

Blog Posts Moved

Incoming Links Preserved

Years of Work Saved from Typepad Hell

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