The Team

Cord Blomquist

Tallest Tree founder Cord Blomquist has been in the think tank world since 2005, when he was an intern at the Cato Institute. After a brief stint as a Hill staffer, Cord went on to lead the communications team at the Competitive Enterprise Institute and build the digital team at the Mercatus Center.

Einar Jóhannsson

Einar Jóhannsson serves as Tallest Tree’s CTO and is the lead developer of our PolicyPress WordPress deployment. Einar has worked in web development for over a decade and has created websites for dozens of think tanks.

Michael Chapman

Michael Chapman is an experienced platform developer who enjoys sharing his knowledge of programming with others. Since 2019 Michael has served as a lead instructor for Girls Who Code, a non-profit aimed at providing women and avenue into the technology world.

Brendan Nee

Brendan Nee is the founder of BlinkTag Inc, a Bay Area consultancy focused on solving transportation problems through technology. Brendan works with Tallest Tree clients with technical SEO, CMS maintenance, API integration, and more.


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