Case studies and articles from our team.

Does Structured Data Boost Rankings?

Yes—providing clarity and context should absolutely help your rankings in Google search.

Trouble in the Ranks

a correction to our Public Policy SEO Rankings
a robot carefully budgeting

As Google Cuts Costs, Publishers Should Embrace SEO

"let Google sort it out" is a bad strategy even in the best of times

A New Approach to SEO Rankings

more accurate rankings will now be released every month

The Four Carters Problem

Why redirects and canonicalization are so important for SEO

Better Google Analytics Reports

GA tracks a lot of things out of the box, but it was not answering all of our client's questions.
Netflix Logo

Netflix Outsources, So Should You

When making technology choices, focus on outcomes, not headcount.

Case Study: Growing Search Traffic by 30%

By making Google's job easier, we helped our client grow organic traffic by 250,000 visits.

2021 Think Tank SEO Rankings

Right-of-center think tank SEO is improving, but there's still much more work to be done.

Introducing PolicyPress

A blazing-fast customized WordPress platform designed specifically for public policy researchers.


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