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  • Boost current campaigns using your content catalogue
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We helped this magazine grow their organic traffic by 30 percent, adding more than 250,000 pageviews per quarter.
Manhattan Institute

Featured Services

1-Hour SEO Review

100% free

Not sure where to get started with SEO? Is SEO a marketing channel that makes sense for your organization?

Schedule a free 1-hour SEO review and we’ll help you take the first steps toward organic search glory.

We’ll examine your Google Search Console data, Google Analytics history, and run automated technical audits on your site before our call so we can identify quick fixes that might be preventing you from gaining traction in search results.

SEO Audit & Content Strategy

$5,000 to $10,000

Is your search traffic slipping away? Has a recent Google update caused your traffic to suddenly diminish? Has search never been a big portion of your organization’s traffic?

Our comprehensive SEO audit and content strategy goes beyond standard, robotic SEO audits. We provide a complete SEO roadmap informed by over 20 years of working in the world of politics and public policy.

Your high-level, prioritized plan will guide you in directing your editorial and technical resources to make changes that will generate the greatest return in search traffic.

SEO Project Management & Development

retainer or project basis

After we’ve completed your SEO Audit & Content Strategy, we can continue working with you as project managers or as development partners.

We work with clients who employ in-house development teams, agencies, or freelancers. Whatever your team looks like, we’ll serve as your dedicated advocates for SEO and shepherd fixes through the development process.

If you don’t have dedicated development resources, or you’re stretched thin, we can augment your team with our own development staff who are experts in all things search.

Web Marketing & Development Consulting

price varies with project

Are you stuck in the middle of a website redesign that’s running late and over budget? Do you feel stuck in a Groundhog Day loop of relaunches that don’t yield the results you were after? Do you need a nerd in your corner who can evaluate a proposal or provide an informed opinion on your ongoing project?

We’ve built, repaired, and audited sites ranging from micro-campaigns to large-scale publishing operations with millions of monthly visitors. Leverage our experience working with a wide range of clients and technologies to make better purchasing and hiring decisions.

Workshops & Webinars

call for pricing

Tallest Tree offers workshops and webinars on SEO so that your team can understand search as well as it might understand social media, email marketing, or traditional PR. We cater each workshop to the specific audience, offering SEO insights for journalists, researchers, marketing pros, designers, and developers.

Workshops can be combined with our Audit & Content Strategy offering, so along with teaching general principles, we’ll break down the fixes and strategies we recommend for your site. You’ll learn how we came to our conclusions, how to implement that changes we recommend, and the broader SEO best practices driving that strategy.

Our Clients

We wouldn’t have started an SEO project unless we were confident that we’d see results. After working with Cord and Tallest Tree Digital on our Google Ad Grant campaigns, we felt confident moving forward with a project to improve our SEO. The results have been quick, significant, and noticeable—KPIs are up and our staff have noticed that we’re surfacing in search more often.

Tallest Tree’s approach is methodical, they’ve made good use of our time, moving the project along while recognizing that our own team has competing priorities. The examples and guidance they’ve provided have been extremely helpful, turning several of our staff members into mini SEO experts.

Cord’s background in limited government, free-market institutions was also a key consideration. We were on the same page on day one.

Mike Alissi, Publisher

Good communication and trust are the two most important things to me. Unlike other agencies, I’ve always felt I can trust Tallest Tree and I’ve never felt neglected or ignored.

Getting a frank assessment of the costs and benefits involved in web development has helped me and my team set priorities.

The process of working on our website has gone from frustrating and disappointing to feeling totally comfortable.

Brandon Wright, Editorial Director

Tallest Tree Digital made it possible for our institute to maximize our web presence. They brought a level of expertise and data-proven solutions that helped elevate our design vision and maximize our reach. Their clear and prompt communication made the collaboration easy for our team.

We really value the flexibility, reliability, and problem-solving skills they brought to the table. Additionally, they clearly outlined the costs and benefits of different solutions, which allowed us to be good stewards of our funding.

Ted Bolema, Executive Director

The Team

Cord Blomquist

Founder & Lead SEO

Tallest Tree founder Cord Blomquist has been in the think tank world since 2005, when he was an intern at the Cato Institute. After a brief stint as a Hill staffer, Cord went on to lead the communications team at the Competitive Enterprise Institute and build the digital team at the Mercatus Center.

Einar Jóhannsson

Lead Developer

Einar Jóhannsson serves as Tallest Tree’s lead developer and CTO. Einar has worked in web development for over a decade and has created websites for dozens of think tanks.

Michael Chapman

Senior Developer

Michael Chapman is an experienced platform developer who enjoys sharing his knowledge of programming with others. Since 2019 Michael has served as a lead instructor for Girls Who Code, a non-profit aimed at providing women an avenue into the technology world.


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