Daniel T. Richards, The Federalist Society

This week Cord interviewed Daniel T. Richards, the Vice President & Director of Digital at The Federalist Society. Cord & Daniel discussed three FedSoc projects: the SCOTUS Brief video series, the “No. 86” educational project, and the National Lawyers Convention.


  • Changing style, rather than content, to increase engagement and get viewers to watch a video all the way through
  • Managing a video release schedule and consulting with subject matter experts on content creation
  • How FedSoc measures the success of this video project
  • How-to use targeting in ads, including geotargeting ads at 150 law schools, to focus on your core audience

No. 86

  • Why create an online educational series?
  • How FedSoc uses student chapters and direct outreach to professors, even hostile professors, to promote courses
  • Planning a project of this size and selecting the next courses to create
  • Creating a release schedule that maximizes organic reach
  • Using internal producers along with subcontractors like Phaedo Creative to create the videos themselves

National Lawyers Convention

  • What do marketers do when a conference is already hugely successful?
  • Making a conference beautiful and emotionally engaging
  • The importance of high-quality photography and hiring a professional photographer
  • Using lighting, backdrops, and 4k video to make an event video look great
  • Livestreaming and why FedSoc abandoned the idea of putting event videos behind a paywall
  • How to use simple things like hashtags to promote an event
  • Using “tweetboards” or a hashtag printer to get event attendees excited about sharing
  • Using a photo backdrop to create your own red-carpet-style photo ops
  • Scheduling interviews with event attendees
  • Getting footage of attendees talking about your events, talking about issues, talking about your organization so you can update a general about your org video, update fundraising videos, or use in future video projects
  • Using Airtable and Zapier to keep everything on-track

If you work in the Washington, DC area, contact Daniel via email or on Twitter to RSVP for the next FedSoc rooftop marketing meetup.

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