Whitney Munro, Foundation for Government Accountability

This week Cord interviewed Whitney Munro of the Foundation for Government Accountability. Whitney and Cord covered a lot of topics, including:

  • Micro-targeting state legislators
  • Message testing with real voters
  • Building profiles of website visitors/email readers
  • How to pronounce “Pardot”
  • Collecting feedback from your target audience
  • Telling human stories about policy
  • Choosing software platforms based on what they can deliver, rather than something that is “built for non-profits”
  • Adopting successful business strategies
  • Auditing campaigns
  • The importance of letting go of bad ideas on moving on
  • Why the Institute for Justice and the Atlas Network are killing it right now

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Rob Montz, We the Internet TV

Rob Montz is a fellow at the Moving Picture Institute, a director at We the Internet TV, and co-founder and CEO of Good Kid Productions. His work has been featured in the New York Times, BBC World News, the Economist, USA Today, and The Washington Post. His documentary works have covered topics including free speech on college campuses, the North Korean regime, criminal justice reform, and the virtues of entrepreneurship.

Rob talked to Cord about his most recent documentary is entitled “Trump as Destiny: Why the Reality Show Presidency Was Inevitable.”

Scott Barton, Pacific Legal Foundation

Scott Barton is a nonprofit leader focused on digital communications, strategy, persuasion, and building entrepreneurial teams, which makes him a perfect guest for our show.

While working at the Institute for Humane Studies, a university-based nonprofit, Scott co-founded and directed the Learn Liberty project, a digital education platform to promote the ideas of free markets and individual liberty to college students. Scott helped Learn Liberty build an impressive library of over 400 videos with over 25 million views.

Scott has recently taken his talents to a new home, the Pacific Legal Foundation, where he serves as the Director of Communications and Outreach. Scott talked to Cord about how organizations can tell persuasive stories about their ideas, mission, and work.